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Download pdf icon R.A. Schwarzer: The determination of local texture by electron diffraction - A tutorial review.
Textures and Microstructures 20 (1993) 7-27

Download  pdf icon R.A. Schwarzer: Texture Mapping by Scanning X-Ray Diffraction and Related Methods.
pages 50 - 65 in: A.K. Singh (ed.): Advanced X-Ray Techniques in Research and Industry.
IOS Press, Amsterdam 2005, ISBN 1-58603-537-1

Download pdf icon  H.-J. Bunge: Texture Analysis in Materials Science - Mathematical Methods. Butterworths 1982
Paperback reprint: Cuvillier-Verlag Göttingen 1993. ISBN 3-928815-81-4
Digital Edition in 2015 of the 1st English Edition by Butterworth&Co (Publ.) 1982

Download(3.5 MB) pdf icon J. Hansen, J. Pospiech and K. Lücke: Tables for Texture Analysis of Cubic Crystals (1978)

Notice: The digital version of "Part A - Review of the Representation of Orientations and Orientation Distributions" and the program listing have been made available for download by the author Prof. Dr. Jan Pospiech (Cracow) in 2016.
"Part B - The Tables" is not included here.


Further Reading

An introduction to Backscatter Kikuchi Diffraction (BKD) and "Automated EBSD" is found on the website
and an introduction to advanced EBSD systems (in German) on

Further reading on the Orientation Density Function (ODF) is found in:

L. Spiess, R. Schwarzer, H. Behnken and G. Teichert: Moderne Röntgenbeugung - Röntgendiffraktometrie für Materialwissenschaftler, Physiker und Chemiker.
1st edition:Teubner B.G. GmbH Verlag, Wiesbaden 2005. ISBN 3-519-00522-0

L. Spiess, G. Teichert, R. Schwarzer, H. Behnken and Ch. Genzel: Moderne Röntgenbeugung - Röntgendiffraktometrie für Materialwissenschaftler, Physiker und Chemiker.
2nd extended edition:Vieweg+Teubner, Wiesbaden 2009. ISBN 978-3-8351-0166-1

This textbook on modern X-ray diffraction (in German) includes in Chapter 11: Röntgenographische Texturanalyse (XRD Texture Analysis) an introduction to X-ray polefigure measurement and ODF analysis.