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Texture measurement is done in most cases by measuring pole figures. A pole figure Phkl describes the volume fraction dV/V of the crystallites whose crystallographic directions <hkl> have a certain orientation in space: 
         dV/V = Phkl(α, β)·sin α dα dβ

A pole figure is given graphically as a frequency distribution if crystal orientations on the reference sphere that is stereographically projected into the "equator" plane in sample space.  

 Schematics of a pole figure and its stereographic projection

Schematics of a pole figure and its stereographic projection

The TEM as an automated texture goniometer


Acquisition of pole figures by post-specimen beam deflection, but manual correction for the ellipticity of diffraction rings.
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Analytical and experimental on-line intensity correction for SAD pole figures in pre- and post-specimen beam deflection mode.
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Automated SAD pole-figure measurement with pre- and post-specimen beam deflection. On-line correction for background, absorption, diffracting volume and ring ellipticity by the software.
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RHEED pole-figure measurement on bulk surfaces in the TEM. A digital CCD camera is used as an area detector.
B. Schäfer and R.A. Schwarzer: Materials Science Forum 273-275 (1998) 223-228


           + Measured area:  SAD           1 μm .... 500 μm                   RHEED       ~ 0.1 - 2 mm
           + High speed: ~ 5 min for the acquisition of several pole figures            
           + Extremely high sensitivity.  

The principles of SAD pole-figure measurement

The principles of SAD pole-figure measurement.